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failberry asked: Heads up! A certain someone is a little upset at you for reblogging her posts!: so-unrequited*tumblr*com/post/100523989785/look-at-this-retard-i-want-to-know-why-they


I checked out the link hoping that it was a new rant but it turns out I’ve already reblogged it :sadface:

Sorry. My bad. ;_;

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Summary of the Ichiruki posts I’ve reblogged:


- Millions of gif and images without a cut

- Orihime bashing

- Misplaced ‘feminism’ (which is actually misogyny and slut-shaming)

- Trying to prove that movies, colorspreads, merchandise = canon

- Trying to prove that popularity = canon

- Abusing the word ‘delusional’ which is very ableist

- Trying to shove their pairing down everyone’s throats whether they like it or not

- Trying to justify their shitty behavior when called out by decent fellow fans

- False sense of entitlement and having a superiority complex


I don’t even have to say anything, you guys are living proof that everything that everyone says about this fandom is true

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Wooooh. I'm being abooosed.


1. Losing a battle due to using anime tropes for manga and still whining. √

2. Not reblogging to hide her fail. √

3. Being hypocritical about the use of offensive insults despite continuously using them herself from the start. √

4. Bitching about the same thing over and over again because her shitty essays weren’t good enough to convince an Origo that she was allegedly right. √

5. Using the victim card quite liberally. √

6. Trying to impose her own butthurt on others. √

7. Putting her tail between her legs like a wuss once the Origo BNFs get involved and whines about her alleged abuse. √


Someone kindly put this bitch into quarantine before her stupidity spreads. Look at those who liked/reblogged her fail because those are obviously infected and also are in dire need of medical intervention.

PS: “They’re not real, get over it.” Quote from the hypocrite herself. Lol

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kokoro-beat asked: I AM LAUGHING Cx that Tsundere BS, AHAHAHAHA, Comparing ICHIRUKI with the others who actually show the "dere dere" part LMAO

…IRs are comparing their ship to tsundere pairings? ಠ_ಠ

Update: Okay, so I saw the post. Ignoring the fact that almost half of the couples shown there aren’t even canon (I’m not gonna state which to avoid a potential shipping war in the comments), I have to LOL at the post for using the ice-skating filler moment to represent IchiRuki.

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Learning disability huh?


you’re really that eager to slander me and fail miserably that you intentionally misinterpret what i was saying and rearrange the things i say to your benefit? i said IF the scene were to be animated, then ichigo’s face would be blue with shock. i’m saying its best to go by the manga BECAUSE obviously the anime sometimes adds extra filler stuff or cuts stuff out therefore as far as sticking to canon the anime isnt very reliable.

your blog setup is kinda confusing so i cant really tell where you’re talking about how fabulous i am or where you’re crying about your sunken ship but from what i’m reading are you admitting that ichigo wasnt blushing ??? thanks for debunking your precious IR moment for me :))

i’ll shut up when you admit IchiRuki is a dead ship, imma keep on posting whatever the fuck i want at least i tag correctly and i will answer whatever messages my fans send me

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Anonymous asked: Why can't IRs see the difference between a blush and a 'blue/gray shocked/disgusted face'? Do they read only one manga? Don't they watch anime? Never mind. It's a ship that needs long ass essays to validate itself, because otherwise it's non-existent. They don't even listen to Kubo, who explicitly said it's not a romantic relationship. They know better than the author himself, so they apparently must be a few levels above us, normal people who don't ship IR.


that scene wasnt animated and its actually best to stick to the manga but even so it doesnt take a rocket scientist to tell whether someone is blushing or they’re mortified XD even with their long ass bs essays they still got nothing so long as the author says otherwise, ichiruki’s relationship is portrayed the way the author wants it not the way they want it lol.

they’re so cocky i’m gonna rub it in their face when either no ship happens or ichihime happens (i’ve always been 50/50 on the pairings thing since kubo said he didnt want romance to be the focus and all the canon pairings byahisa, ginran, ishimasa, ended in tragedy)

Congratulations, she-was-abandoned! You got BitchOD crying over your ask!


Update: And she’s still crying!

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"I knew EcheeRukee was cannonz after I saw the juice box scene." -SP filler-

Us antis-(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"I don’t know why they keep saying Rukeeas peachy scene wasn’t valid. Ichi was BLUSHING not ‘grey shock face’. He was hiding his BONERZ!1!1" -spams IR tag with a hundred or so butthurt essays to debunk grey face-

Us antis-(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"The lurve and destenee Ichi inherited is icheerukee canon!1!1!1" -using paralulz to validate sunken ship despite said paralulz always failing as the manga goes-

Us antis-(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"The antis are so butthurt!"

Us antis-(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"Why can’t antis understand how cannonz icheerukee is?!?!-wailing about us lol-

Us antis-(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

" I’m gonna hurt antis by writing over researched essays to debunk their otp!!!" -butthurt and disregarding that not all of us ship IH-

Us antis-(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

IH shippers-(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"They waste their time laughing at us because they can’t debunk our dissected overanalyzed essays. Icheerukee is obvious as fuck!" -says the overanalyzing essay writers desperately trying to prove ‘obvious canon’-

Us antis-(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Personal note: -sigh- Its pretty obvious your butthurt makes you listen to us too much. Rofl

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