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I was browsing through the IchiHime tag and I kept seeing the same kinds of anti posts over and over. Stuff like “Bleach started with IchiRuki and it’ll end with it too!” “Kubo won’t do IchiHime for endgame cuz the story started with IchiRuki!!” Haha. No.

Ever seen Dragon Ball Z? Bulma and Goku were the main two characters, just like Ichigo and Rukia are. They were also very close friends and everything. But who did Goku actually end up with? When everyone else expected Bulma? That’s right. Chi-Chi.

So just because a series started with two characters does not mean those two will be the ones who get together at the end. Remember that.

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It’s just very sad to know that if IR doesn’t end up canon, many delusioned IR fans will, instead of just accepting it, blame Kubo for it and complain about how he made a mistake. They rant and insult him on his Twitter so much. It’s lame and disgusting. Seriously, it’s his manga, he can do whatever he wants.


When Kubo puts an IR moment, they praise him so much, and once things don’t go their way, they insult him. Sorry to say, but if that is your attitude…

YOU. ARE. NOT. A. TRUE. FAN. of Bleach. 


(and this goes in terms of shippers of any pairing)

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That sad moment when pathetic IR fanbrats bitch to Tite Kubo about Orihime on his twitter.

Okay, I don’t normally reblog posts from anti-blogs, but I just had to… this is evil! They’re bashing the author for ONE SINGLE FANSERVICE CHAPTER?!?!

Disgusting behavior as usual from them. 

Kubo once said that due to the hate he receives for Orihime he will increase her screen time. So keep on hating it’s not like Kubo gives a shit about those haters.

Here’s the tweet where Kubo tells off the hater.

iririitai: 井上のお笑いアピールしすぎ。つーか最近井上しゃしゃりすぎ / Inoue’s too much of a comic relief. Or rather, she’s a nuisance way too often.

tite_kubo: あれ?まだ気付いてねえの?俺ひねくれてるから、こういうリプあると織姫の出番増えるんだぜー(笑)。 / Eh? You still haven’t noticed? I’m a twisted person so when I get replies like this I just increase Orihime’s screentime.

Translation by Kuromitsu.

So to any IR fanbrat who thinks that Kubo gives a shit about your hate boner for Orihime:

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It is one thing to slut-shame Orihime for her outfit but actually insulting the creator himself for purposely doing fan service or the other stuff that he likes to do at his own manga? Um, NO. This isn’t okay. It is just proved that you’re just angry and very jealous of Orihime because things aren’t going YOUR way. 

And do not dare to bring feminism into this. The last time I checked, feminism is about the equality between woman and men along with the freedom of choice. If you’re going to continue of calling Orihime a slut because of her outfit, just rather well do the same for Chad since he’s showing his chest! 

Normally, I stay away from fandom drama but seeing tweets insulting Kubo just makes me very angry. That should be saying a lot about you and your rabid part of the fandom. Stop acting like spoiled brats and deal with how Kubo does his shit in his own works. Grow the fuck up. 

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I think people need to understand that there is such a thing as a meaningful friendship between any two characters.

Ichihime is a good friendship. Ichiruki is a good friendship. Hell, Rukihime is a good friendship. You can have a deep connection with someone WITHOUT wanting to jump into bed with them.

As far as I can tell, they are both equally valid romantic pairings with an equally deep and stable friendship background to draw from when it happens. I could see both happening in canon, and usually, that isn’t the case.

Stop arguing over your particular interpretations, because that is what it comes down to: your personal preference.

I love the fact that the only people who have a problem with this post are IchiRuki shippers. IchiHime shippers and RukiHime shippers? Not a single damn peep.

Otherwise, thanks for making this post. Both shipping fandoms sometimes tend to forget that both Rukia and Orihime are close, important nakama to Ichigo, regardless as to whether or not he develops romantic feelings for any one of the girls. The fact that some shippers will go so far as to downplay his relationship with the “rival girl” while putting his bond with “his love interest” on a golden pedestal is obnoxious as hell to see.

So don’t let any shipper fanbrats get you down. It’s nice to see that there’s someone with common sense in this fandom who knows that a romantic relationship is not “superior” or “deeper” than a platonic friendship.

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For the people shitting on burst-at-the-seams for telling you to stop posting hate comments on her anonymous pro-IchiHime confessions (yes you know who you are), just what the hell. Seriously? Don’t you have anything better to do? She doesn’t even submit the confessions. She only makes the pictures with the confessions that have been sent to her and posts them on here.

So what if there’s one that was written by an IchiRuki shipper, saying 589 made them believe IchiHime is going to be canon? Is that so hard to believe? Better question, is it so hard to believe that you need to write directly on the post, commenting stupid crap like “LEL WHAT ORG WROTE THIS ONE??” , “It’s fuckin obvious an origo wrote this.” or even “Their fandom is so desperate..”? Or so what if an IchiHime fan posted how they thought their ship would happen? Just because you don’t necessarily agree with it, do you really have to comment shit like “lmao if this is really what the orgz think will happen?!” , “they’re more delusional than I thought” or “are they even reading the same manga that we are??” I mean if that isn’t bad enough, now you’re attacking her personal account, calling her a biased bitch because she happens to be an IchiHime shipper, and she’s only called out IchiRuki’s for shitting on some posts in her blog.. (Maybe it’s because IchiHime’s haven’t done that on her posts?)

And yeah, I’m sticking up for her because she’s a nice girl that certainly does not deserve to have her personal and community blog shat on.

Have a nice day.

Nice job, IchiRuki fandom, for once again showing what a bunch of obnoxious, nasty assholes most of you are.


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